Silk Skin-Friendly Products

Natural polymer fibroin and polypeptide active factor and appropriate humanization design are the creation of skin products of "Silk Story".

The series of "Silk Story" mainly contain these skin-friendly products: sanitary napkins, diapers, dry face membranes and mattresses.
The skin-friendly sanitary products, which is full of silk protein active factor, have these remarkable advantages:
(1)Moisturizing Skin. Silk protein combines with cells through skins, and is absorbed by cells as nutrition, which can promote cell metabolism and make the skins plump and whippy.
(2)Humidifying Function. Silk protein contains abundant hydrophilic group and is the fine natural moisturizing factor. At the same time, the heliciform structure cavity of silk protein can absorb or liberate moisture with the change of body temperature, then keep the balance of skin moisture. It can also effectively prevent and cure skin diseases, such as pruritus, eczema and pityriasis simplex, etc. caused by moisture or drying.
(3)Comfortable and smooth. Silk protein is very similar to the polyclonal keratin of human skins, and both of them have good affinity. You can feel obviously comfortable and smooth and there's no hypersensitivity.

The skin products of the "Silk Story" series are national invention patent products independently researched and developed by our company.