Sericin Powder
Product Definition:

Sericin powder is the colloid protein wrapping in the outer layer of silk. It is a kind of yellowish powder and is soluble in water, whose ninhydrin reaction is positive.

Main Indicators:
Items Indicators
Characters White to light yellow powder, easy deliquescence. Soluble in water.
Total Nitrogen (%) ≥14
The Percentage of Polarized Side Amino Acids in the Total Quantity of Amino Acids (%) >70
 Loss on Drying (%) 5.0
Residue on Ignition 4.0
 PH Value 5.0-7.0
Heavy Metal (Pb)/(mg/kg) ≤5
 Arsenic (mg/kg) ≤0.5
 Total Bacterial Count (CFU/g) ≤3000
Coliform (MPN/100g) ≤90
 Pathogenic Bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus Aureus) Not Detectable
Application characteristics:

(1)Sericin is rich of amino acids with polar pendant groups, such as serine and asparaginic acid. It is a kind of protein with abundant hydrophilic groups. Because amino acid with hydrophilic polarity accounts for about 75% in sericin, especially serine which takes up about 30% of sericin, whose hygroscopicify is 50 times stronger than glycerol. Thus, sericin, is highly effective in moisture absorption, moisture, breathable function and antimicrobial function when used as raw material of cosmetic and chemical fiber lay material.
(2)The film-forming property of silk glue on hair is excellent and the membrane is glossy, while the hair feels good and elastic. It can not only avoid the direct contact between hair and chemicals that can damage hair, and it can also increase the elasticity and gloss of hair. Sericin can form the membranes with certain strength on the hair surface, which can be used as the hairspray.
(3)Sericin has an excellent inoxidizability. It can effectively inhibit the polyphenol oxidase activity in food and is an excellent natural antioxidant for fat food, which has very prominent value in developing the additive to extend the refreshing time of dairy foods.
(4)Using sericin protein as main raw material, then coating on the fiber, underwear, bedding, close skin and leather products through the cross-linking agent, achieving the silky effects like skin caring, being friendly to skin, antibacterial, comfortable, etc.