The Introduction of Silk Protein
Structure of Silk Protein

Silk is the continuous long fiber consists of two fibroins and the sericin covering outside.

The general composition of silk fiber:
Fibroin 70-80%
Sericin 20-30%
Lipid 0.4-0.8%
Hydrocarbon 1.2-1.6%
Pigment approximately 0.2%
Ash content approximately 0.7%

The amino acid composition of fibroin (g/100g ):
Name of Amino Acid Fibroin Sericin Structural Features
△Aspartic Acid ASP 2.60 17.35 Acidic Amino Acid Polarity Side Chain
*△ Threonine THR 1.23 8.75  Neutral Amino Acid  Polarity Side Chain
△ Serine SER 13.74 30.14  Neutral Amino Acid  Polarity Side Chain
Glycine GLY 40.55 8.15  Neutral Amino cid
Alanine ALA 32.52 3.06  Neutral Amino Acid
△ Glutamic Acid GLU 2.32 5.55 Acidic Amino Acid   Polarity Side Chain
*Valine VAL 3.33 3.08  Neutral Amino Acid
*Isoleucine ILE 0.92 0.67  Neutral Amino Acid
* Leucine LEU 0.68 1.37  Neutral Amino Acid
yrosine TYR 11.78 4.85  Neutral Amino Acid
*Phenylalanine(PHE) 1.41 0.43  Neutral Amino Acid
*△Lysine LYS 0.57 3.29  Polarity side chains of Alkaline amino acid
△Histidine HIS 0.38 1.54  Polarity side chains of Alkaline amino acid
△Arginine  ARG 0.9 4.61  Polarity side chains of Alkaline amino acid
Proline PRO 0.41 0.44  Neutral Amino Acid
Cystine CYS 0.26 0.39  Neutral Amino Acid
*Methionine MET 0.15 0.08  Neutral Amino Acid
*Tryptophan TRP 0.41 0.56  Neutral Amino Acid
Recovery rate of amino acids (total) 113.96 94.41  
Notes * means essential amino acid for human body
△ meanspolarity side-chain amino acid
Utilization of  Silk Protein
Silk Essence (Silk Amino Acids)
Silk Peptide    Silk Powder
Apply to functional nutritional health products, beauty and skincare products, hair care products and paints etc.   It is applied to the beauty cosmetics, fabrics, coatings of skin-friendly products, surfactants and food antioxidants, etc.