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Silk Amino Acids, Silkworm Chrysalis Amino Acids, Silkworm Chrysalis Protein Powder
High-quality Nutrient Additives
Because amino acids have an extremely high nutritive value to human body. Adding silk and silkworm chrysalis amino acids products into food can enhance nutritive value of food. At present, many kinds of silk amino acids food have been developed around the world, such as, silk fibroin cakes, drinks, biscuits, noodles, soba noodles, jelly glues, ice creams, candies, porridge, soy sauce, and foods containing silk fibroin like glossocardia bidens, tea leaves, capsules, tablets, milk and so on.
Energy Drinks
[Product Application Type]Silk Amino Acids, Silkworm Chrysalis Amino Acids
Functional drinks: the drink with silk amino acids, silkworm chrysalis amino acids can refresh your mind, provide energy, refresh your body, decompose alcohol, protect the liver, and nourish the skin through the effect of compound amino acid.