Silk Energy
Cosmetics and Hair-care Products
Facial masks, eye masks, facial cream, skin whitening, essence and hand cream

[Product Application Choices]
Silk Amino Acids, Silk Peptide Powder, Sericin Powder


Comfortable and smooth: Similar to the keratin protein of human and both of them are of good affinity. After using, you can feel obviously comfortable and smooth and there's no hypersensitivity
Mild and non-irritant: The PH value of silk fibrin is close to human skins. It will not cause skin allergy when used in skin care products.
Nourish skin: Silk contains 18 kinds of Amino acids which are very valuable to human body and use it in products like facial masks and eye masks can It can effectively accelerate skin metabolic rate, repair damaged skin issue, and slow down skin aging.
Moisturizing skin: Silk protein has strong osmotic force, it can go deep into skin depth moisturizing, thus to provide an enduring moisturizing effect and make skin fine and smooth. Macula removing and whitening: Silk protein can easily permeate into dermis layer of the skin, through the activity of enzymes with absorbed silk protein, and reach the effect of anti-UV radiation and control of melanogenesis.
Pressed powder, liquid foundation, lipstick, lip gloss and sunscreen cream

[Product Application Type]Silk Fibroin Powder
Smooth skin stone: Silk fibrin can promote the form of collagen protein, boost skin tension and flexibility, and accelerate pigment decomposition and even the skin color.
Modulate humidity and help ventilate: Silk fibrin powder has good air permeability, which can make people feel very smooth after using the cosmetic that is made of it.
Improve the color of skin: Silk fibroin powder can reduce the reflected light and show a vivid and soft color naturally when it is mixed with products like lipsticks.
Block sunlight and protect skin: Silk powder's crystal structure can reflect part of the ultraviolet. What's more, the cavity formed by its helical structure can absorb the ultraviolet rays, which makes a better effect of sun block.
Shampoo and Hair Care Products

[Product Application Type]Silk Amino Acids, Silk Peptide Powder, Sericin Powder
Prevent the oil and has a function of recovery: The silk protein forms an excellent membranes on the hair which can prevent the hair from getting exposed to chemical components and get damaged, to keep nutrition for the hair.
Modify bifurcation: Silk fibrin's great sorption and permeability to hair can repair impaired hair, and modify bifurcation effectively.
Flexibility and gloss: Enhance hair flexibility and tensile strength, through forming membranes to make hair shinier.
Infant Skin Care Products

[Product Application Type]
Silk Amino Acids, Silk Peptide Powder, Silk Fibroin Powder
Infant skin care: The natural protein of high purity with different molecular weights are extracted from silk, which has an excellent moisturizing effect and can quickly penetrate into the dermis layer of skin, helping to repair damaged skin tissue and membranes. Make the babies' skin healthy nutritive, tender and smooth.
Natural and non-stimulating: Taking care of baby's skin with natural silk protein, without any anaphylactic reaction.
Comfortably dry and friendly to skin: Add the silk power to baby talcum powder or bath powder can keep baby's skin dry and reduce skin damage from chafe.