Silk Energy
Other Applications
Ink oil, advanced coating

[Product Application Type]Silk Fibroin Powder
Adding fibroin powder in the jet oil and senior paints can largely increase the lubrication and luminance brightness of the products, and improve their colors to show more natural colors.
Medical Application
[Product Application Type]
Silk Amino Acids, Silk Peptide Powder, Silk Rubber Powder, Silk Fibroin Powder
 Artificial blood vessels: Silk protein has an anticoagulant effect and we can manufacture the artificial blood vessels by using this characteristic. In its application, there is no need of pregelatinization when planting the artificial blood vessels, which can shorten the time of operation and cut down the risk of transfusion of blood.
 Artificial skin: The medical silk fibroin skin reproducing membrane is a kind of high polymer material consisting of natural silk fibroin and sericin material, mainly used to cover the surface of trauma in various degrees. It can protect the injured skin and guide the reborn function, and has no hematolysis response.
 The bone organization repair: The fibroin with poly-l-lysine can form the hyaline cartilage in order to repair the full-thickness cartilage of the knee damage, which shows the excellency of the fibroin material acting as the engineering scaffolds of the articular cartilage compatibility.
Other medical fields like microcapsules and biomedical dressings, etc.