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Silk Amino Acids, Silkworm Chrysalis Amino Acids, Silkworm Chrysalis Protein Powder


Natural and nutrient: The silk amino acids and the silkworm chrysalis amino acids both are ideal natural nourishments which has all 18 kinds of amino acids, abundant macro and trace element, and also has no fat and low calories.
Prominent efficacy L-Alanine: L-Serine and L-Glycine account for more than 85% of silk amino acids and the zinc content in silkworm chrysalis protein reaches 19.025mg/100g. Glycine and serine are the raw materials in biological body for synthetizing protein, also precursor for synthetizing glutathione, and glutathione has the function of preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer and human body senescence; glycine has the effect of detoxifying aromatic series of cancerogenic substances; alanine can promote the metabolism of alcohol, and has the effect of liver aid and drunk prevention; the tyrosine has good effects on preventing senile dementia. Zinc is of great help in developing children's intelligence, improving the hyperactivity and so on.
For health and beauty: It can easily permeate the dermis layer to be absorbed by the skin and participates in the enzymes reaction, achieving the effect of humidifying and moisturizing the skin as well as avoiding ultraviolet radiation, suppressing melanin, preventing aging and nourishing the skin.
Sleep improvement: Amino acids can regulate the central nervous system, repair and update damaged neural cellular, fundamentally improve sleeping.
Muscle enhancer

[Product Application Type] Silk Amino Acids
As is demonstrated by a recent US research, when five amino acids from silk amino acids are arranged in a specific proportion and order, they can promote the synthesis of muscles. Silk amino acid, which has replaced the traditional branched chain amino acid, can reinforce strength, help the synthesis of muscle and improve the state of motion. Silk polypeptide can promote gaining muscle mass, increase muscular endurance, maintain healthy body components, improve the self-synthesizing level of hormone, keep the healthy level of cortisol, and also has the function of anti-oxidation.