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Fabric coated by silk protein

[Product Application Type]Silk Peptide Powder, Silk Rubber Powder
By applying our company's patent technology, a variety of fabric products are made with fibroin coating, which means that the surface of fabric fiber is covered by fibroin, preventing direct contact between human skin and fabric fiber, thus the fabric products are comfortable, soft, and be able to nourish the skin. What's more, it can also prevent skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis. Besides, the basis of silk protein from silkworms are serine, glycine and some others amino acids, which is amiable to skin, has the action of adjusting moisture and the effect of dry-and-crisp and suppressing skin wrinkle.
[Product Application Type]Silk Peptide Powder, Sericin Powder
The silk protein surfactant consists of natural silk protein amino acids and natural organic and is a anionic surfactant. It not only owns the natural silk protein which can protect the skin and avoid allergies, but is environmentally friendly as well. It can be decomposed by the microorganism once poured into the water and therefore, it is a kind of environmentally friendly surfactant.