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· The first manufacturer of silkworm chrysalis amino acids research and development of domestic
· The first manufacturer of silkworm chrysalis amino acids of domestic with production license
· The first brand of Chinese silk and silkworm chrysalis protein

Huzhou Xintiansi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is an enterprise of agricultural science and technology in Zhejiang Province, which integrates the research and development, production and sales of sericulture resources, is founded jointly by Huzhou Tianming Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Huzhou Tiansi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. The total amount of its registered capital is 5 million Yuan, and the annual output of silk and silkworm chrysalis biological products is above 120 tons. Annual value of production is over 30 million Yuan. The company has passed the ISO9001 certification. Huzhou Tiansi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise engaging in sericulture research and industrialized manufacturing in China. Since 1995, the Company had cooperated with Shanghai Institute of Entomology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, etc., and always engaged in functional application research and development of sericulture resources, which also obtained relatively good achievement. Many technologies filled up domestic and overseas vacancy. High-purity silk peptide powder and dissolving sericin powder are respectively titled with high-tech product of Zhejiang Province and provincial technology innovation funds. Silkworm protein powder and silkworm amino acids have obtained the production certificate approved and issued by the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision.

Currently, main products developed by our company mainly include 22 kinds of products subordinating three series of silk protein, silkworm chrysalis protein and skin adaptive products of silk protein. Silk series products include silk mixed amino acids (silk essence), silk peptide, silk glue and silk powder (silk fibroin powder); Silkworm chrysalis series products include silkworm chrysalis amino acids and high zinc protein powder. More than 75% of the products are exported mainly to Japan, South Korea, America, EU, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as other countries and regions. Taking advantage of the research achievement of the silk protein over the years, our company developed and produced silk protein skin-caring products in cooperation with partners home and abroad. The main products include "The Story of Silk" sanitary napkins, protective pad, diaper, facial mask, etc. Our company also has applied for two national invention patents and six utility model patents. Because of its outstanding efficacy such as skin care, moisturizing and anti-bacteria, this product enjoys high reputation among customers.

Huzhou Xintiansi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is aiming at being the best manufacturer and supplier of silk protein and silkworm chrysalis in China.