The Development of Silk Protein

Early in the medical monographs like Sun Simiao's Valuable Prescriptions for Emergencies in the Tang Dynasty, Wang Huaiyin's Peaceful Saint Benefit Prescription in the Song Dynasty and Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty, there were records stating that silk has a very apparent skin-friendly ability. According to modern searches, the silk contains various amino acids and proteins. The proteins it contains are much more than pearl, and nitrogen of it is dozens of times higher than pearl's, also it's main amino acids contents are more than 10 times higher than pearl's. So natural silk can be processed and refined into the hydrolysate of the natural silk protein. The silk protein hydrolyzate have a powerful penetration ability, which can be absorbed by skin dermis to act its moisturizing effects in 10 seconds, and can penetrate stratum corneum and combine with the skin epidermal cells, get absorbed by them as nutrition, participating and promoting cellular metabolism, so as to provide necessary nutrients for the metabolism, as well as to repair damaged skin and encourage skin cell regeneration.

Fibroin also has rapid development in the food industry. Japan began the research of turning silk into food as early as 1983. The earliest product was silk jelly, but such kind of gel's fibroin molecules are jointed by thousands of amino acids and has relatively large molecular weight, which is difficult for the intestinal wall to absorb. In recent years, Japan has done a lot of research work to turn fibroin into food, and has developed a series of products with it, such as fibroin cakes, biscuits, noodles, soba, fruit juice gel, ice creams, candies, porridge, drinks, soy sauces and fibroin components-contained mushrooms, teas, capsules, tablets and so on, a variety of them have already been produced and attracted many consumers' attention with their unique quality. They've become a new generation health food and nutriment of Japan. According to Rhee's research, when the silk fibroin after hydrolysis with concentration of 0.3%, 0.6%, 0.9% respectively, added to the spicy pickled cabbage, it can inhibit the growth of lactic acid bacteria obviously. In 2004, the United States Dean food company exit milk products for students which is called "Silk", and is popular in Colleges and Universities

Huzhou Xintiansi Bio-tech Co, Ltd. is the earliest and unique scientific and technological enterprise in Chine specializing in researching and developing the silk proteins and silkworm chrysalis proteins, based on which it has formed industrialization. 70% of our products are exported to the countries and regions as Japan, Korea, EU, U.S.A., Taiwan, etc. We have been the long-term supplier of lots of famous cosmetics and food companies both at home and abroad. The company selected the best silkworm cocoons in Huzhou, which was credited as the "capital of silk", as raw materials, and originated the technologies like high pressure degumming and biological enzyme, dissociating the silk protein mildly in order to control the molecular weight effectively, which keeps the bio active of silk protein. After years of research: it invented the membrane separation technology and applied it to the selection and control of silk protein's molecular weight as well as the separation between ashes and heavy metals, which ensures to produce the silk polypeptide with high-purity and high-activity and silk amino acids. Thus perfectly achieve the effects of nourishing, skin moisturizing, hair caring, moisture preserving and conditioning.